Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AdroitLogic Announces API Management Solution Based On Its High Performance ESB

We've just announced the APIDirector! an API and Services management solution based on our high performance Enterprise Service Bus UltraESB.

One of the key differences of the APIDirector is that it will offer both API and Services management features for enterprises, including support for AS2 and other legacy/traditional B2B and service protocols.

We've announced results of the 6th Round of ESB Performance Benchmarking earlier in August, although I've missed blogging about it previously, as my father was ill during those few days. The benchmark results showed the extreme performance as well as the stability of the UltraESB, which are both key elements of any API management solution.

Since an API management solution will be the entry point for your trading partners, customers and users accessing your exposed APIs - it MUST be capable of withstanding extreme load, as well as deliberate security attacks, without crashing by itself. The Round 6 results and the related information shows how some of the ESBs fail to withstand even legitimate and relatively small amounts of loads, when compared to an external attack. 

The APIDirector performs functions such as credential management, service logging, auditing and performance management support, with an easy to use graphical administration interface that also provides analytical features. We also ship the AS2Gateway as an optional module of the APIDirector, and this allows users to deploy a custom AS2 trading gateway - similar to the AS2Gateway we have hosted publicly.

Next week we will be deploying the AS2Director at one of our beta customer sites in the US, and it will initially deal with defining S/FTP file exchanges and SOAP based services, as well as AS2 based B2B exchanges. The APIDirector will be generally available to the public during the first quarter of 2013, although we will be happy to work with customers with beta releases prior to the general availability. Please contact us to learn more about the APIDirector, and how you could participate in the beta!

Original News Release: http://www.prweb.com/releases/prweb9820781.htm

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