Tuesday, February 7, 2017

AdroitLogic Announces Major New Release of UltraESB with an Enterprise Integration Platform and Developer Studio

A short while ago, we announced a major update to the UltraESB Enterprise Service Bus, called the UltraESB-X release. This is a rewrite of our high performance UltraESB Enterprise Service Bus run-time, on top of a new modular framework code-named Project-X. The new release retains the performance benefits introduced by the UltraESB, supporting HTTP/S exchanges with zero-copy data transfers and Non-blocking IO (NIO). This performance edge prompted Walmart to license our technology in 2013 to power its new integration platform; and for Kuoni GTA to support over half a billion requests per day, with its B2B travel API, since 2014.
 We also released the UltraStudio, a rich integration solution development studio to increase developer productivity. It enriches the end-to-end experience of integration development with powerful extensions and plugins to the popular IntelliJ IDEA IDE. The UltraStudio allows users to develop integration flows with a drag-and-drop palette of connectors and processors, and helps to test, debug and trace integration flows through the execution path, and view properties at each stage. The palette of connectors and processors keeps increasing, and its a simple effort to develop custom connectors and message processors, by end users. The YouTube video linked from Sajiths blog shows this in action.

The new Integration Platform announced today, offers integration capabilities as a service, over private, public or hybrid cloud based Docker containers, utilizing the Kubernetes framework for managing the run-time and availability. The Integration Platform becomes available as an on-demand service to multiple organizational units within an enterprise, allowing users to target different UltraESB-X deployments with varying availability requirements, over a set of shared physical resources. The platform manages the deployments and automatically repairs failed instances, guaranteeing availability and stability. In the event of a container failure, the incarnation details of the instance is retained to allow troubleshooting of the root cause, and the container instances thus retain state in an otherwise stateless container deployment to facilitate management. The metrics of each UltraESB-X runtime are reported to ElasticSearch which then powers a consolidated management and monitoring dashboard that manages the platform.

Try out the new products from our website, and the integration resources, samples and documentation from the new Developer site at http://developer.adroitlogic.org