Thursday, June 28, 2012

ESB Performance Benchmarking Round 6 is coming..

AdroitLogic has just announced the Sixth round of ESB Performance Benchmarking today!

Round 5 introduced a public Amazon EC2 AMI image of all the ESB's that were included into the benchmark, and the next round has moved further by requesting vendors and/or contributors for submission of better optimized configurations for the different ESBs to be tested.

Stability and Performance are both important to any ESB, and the last round saw half of the selected ESBs not being able to complete the benchmark successfully. Each ESB has since releases new versions, and we look forward to testing each one successfully!

For more information, visit and email if you are interested to participate closely with us during this round!

Monday, June 25, 2012

UltraESB Connects Coupon Publishers and Major Retailers in Europe in B2B Solution for HighCo Data Spain

Today we are happy to announce that Storelabs, a European startup specialized in FMCG/Retail marketing and operations, has deployed an AS2/EDI - FTP/XML Gateway for HighCo Data Spain. The Cloud hosted gateway 'PromoHub' initially integrates the retailer Carrefour Spain, with multiple coupon publishers utilizing the HighCo Data coupon clearing services.

Read the full Press Release and the Case Study

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We've just launched our Free EDI/AS2 B2B Gateway - AS2Gateway.ORG

Since its launch in January 2010, the UltraESB has the only free and open source ESB that natively supported the widely used B2B trading protocol AS2 (Applicability Statement 2). AS2 is used extensively in the US, Europe and Asia for B2B integration especially in the Retail and Manufacturing industries, and the UltraESB has been used by many organizations to integrate EDI/AS2 systems with S/FTP, Web Services and XML style systems.

The UltraESB is now used to integrate with some of the largest retailers in Europe, and the US by multiple organizations and it was natural for us to see the potential in offering a Cloud hosted EDI/AS2 solution as a Service (SaaS).

The AS2Gateway is powered by our flagship product UltraESB, and offers free EDI/AS2 connectivity for SME's and certainly disrupts the traditional market place in both the features offered and the cost savings. For example, the free tier allows SMEs to trade electronically with upto 5 trading partners and offers 60 messages per month.

We've also just launched AS2Integration.ORG which is a resource site on AS2/EDI integration, as well as the documentation and user guide for the use of the AS2Gateway.

Utilizing the UltraESB underneath means that the flexibility is virtually limitless, and we will soon expand this service to include Electronic Invoicing, EDI document creation and processing as well!

The AS2Gateway begins its 'beta' testing phase today, and you can utilize all of its features for free until we move into production in a few more months! No credit cards are necessary for sign up - so get your AS2/EDI trading account from the Free AS2Gateway!

Read our Press Release about the launch for more details!