Sunday, January 17, 2016

AdroitLogic and the UltraESB is 6 years!

The 19th of January 2016 marks 6 years since the UltraESB was first announced publicly; It also marks the completion of six years of success for AdroitLogic!

The last year was an exciting one, with our team size increasing more than two fold.. As a side effect, we've now run out of space and are actively looking for alternate locations to move into; with one of the possibilities being to purchase our own property and build our office the way we want.

On the technical front, we've developed the Enterprise Middleware Framework (EMW) last year, and deployed it in production, along with the IMonitor enhanced management console with detailed statistics and management capabilities with an Elastic Search back-end. Our core products are now available with Ansible based scripts for auto installation and configuration, including the configuration of large clusters - making the deployments easier for our customers. These enhancements will be made available to more customers this year, and detailed information about the EMW Framework, IMonitor and the Ansible scripts made publicly available.

The APIDirector and the AS2Gateway too have kept gaining traction over the past year, and we've now started investing in our Integration Platform as a Service endeavor, which is based on Containers. This would be the key product to be introduced during this coming year, along with our next major update with a secret project, currently code named 'X'.

We plan to start more aggressive marketing and sales activities, with enhanced web sites and documentation, and introduce a new Customer Portal to assist our customers with more valuable content and up-to date information. It will certainly be an exciting year ahead!