Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday AdroitLogic and UltraESB!

Today marks 7 years since the first public announcement from AdroitLogic about its core product, the UltraESB Enterprise Service Bus!

We've completed yet another year of success, and we are very close to releasing our upcoming products for 2017, the new UltraStudio with the UltraESB-X runtime, and the Integration Platform Server (IPS). The UltraStudio is a new Integrated Development Environment for the development, testing and deployment of integration flows into the new UltraESB-X runtime. The graphical user interface based on the worlds best IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, allows users to implement integration solutions faster and easier. The Integration Platform (IPS), based on Kubernetes and Docker, is able to deploy highly available integration services across a cluster, managed as a collection of lightweight containers. The services can be deployed on private, public and hybrid clouds as well. We will soon be releasing these new products, with an update to our web site and documentation, and also introduce a new developer site to help integration engineers use our products and solutions more easily.

During the past year, we've also increased our team size, and five more engineers have confirmed employment with us within next few months. And as we planned an year back, we successfully purchased our own property in March last year, and will now embark on setting up and moving into our own new office this year.

We look forward to yet another exciting year ahead, and believe that our efforts have enhanced the solutions for Enterprise Integration challenges, to many organizations across the world!