Thursday, May 5, 2011

UltraESB Code Quality Metrics - updated for v1.4.0

We've updated the code quality metrics for the free and open source UltraESB v1.4.0 release recently, and our glad to still have a 43.3% code coverage (46.1% of the lines and 36.2% of branches) and 15.5% of code comments (46% documented API)

The total lines of code increased to 33,563 spread over 69 packages and 426 classes, with v1.4.0 which introduced the web based administration console - UConsole, support for clustering, automated round-robin restarts, XACML and even faster XML performance with FastXML

By building each sample as both an end-user executable, and documented sample, as well as a JUnit test case has paid a lot. AFAIK we ship the most number of samples for any ESB with 48 sample configurations with over 100 sample proxy services!

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