Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Replacing an F5 and its iRules with the UltraESB

A user will soon be replacing an F5 Big IP with the UltraESB by re-writing the iRules as mediation logic. This creates a proxy service that will intercept all requests using the url pattern "*", and then use cookies for routing into two backend server pools where the load is split between two federated groups. This incidentally allows them to also replace Apache servers used to front the Tomcat servers.

The complete configuration used is along the lines of the following;

<u:proxy id="web-proxy">
    <u:transport id="http-8280">
        <u:property name="url" value="*"/>
            String pool = mediation.getCookie(msg, "POOL");
            if ("TWO".equals(pool)) {
                mediation.sendToEndpoint(msg, "ep2");
            } else {
                mediation.sendToEndpoint(msg, "ep1");
        <u:address type="response"/>

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