Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UConsole - the node/cluster management console of the UltraESB

Sampath has published a detailed article on the architecture of the UConsole with a brief introduction to some of its functions. The UConsole is an ultra light-weight Jetty based web application that uses HTML5/CSS3 to render the pages. All front end pages and scripts thus can be safely cached by a browser, and all pages fetch data over a JSON API exposed by a REST application deployed using Apache Wink.

The UConsole is the graphical management console, to the re-vamped JMX based UltraESB management API using MXBeans. Thus any function that can be monitored or performed via the UConsole, can be performed via JMX too.

One neat aspect of the UConsole is the ability to connect to any node via its JMX URL. So when you connect to a cluster, you can connect to any single node of the cluster. Apache ZooKeeper ensures that you can perform any cluster wide function from any connected node. There is no "administration server", master or slaves, or any single point of failure!

We intend to develop a command line administration interface over the JSON/REST API in future, when it will add value to the product.

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