Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Transactions spanning multiple resources - an Example with JMS, JDBC and File systems with JTA

We've written a sample that shows use of multiple JTA transactions spanning JMS, JDBC and File system resources. The sample is a solution in reply to a real user question as presented here.

The solution is presented using the Atomikos JTA libraries that allows the execution of the sample without deploying the UltraESB on a JEE application server such as JBoss. The original post requested for a sample using WebSphere MQ, and Oracle as the database, on top of JBoss.

The sample we've implemented uses an "embedded" ActiveMQ JMS server - started with just a couple of lines of Spring configuration within the UltraESB. The complete mediation is just a few lines of extremely powerful code - using the robust Spring framework JDBCTemplates. This coupled with the use of Java allows one to write powerful integration scripts, with the full power of the Java programming language or any other JSR 223 scripting language such as Ruby, Groovy, Javascript etc., without learning vendor or product specific configuration languages based on XML.

The sample shows the happy day scenarios as well as rollback of transactions, using the SOA ToolBox to fire sample JMS messages for testing.

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