Thursday, July 8, 2010

Invoking a Web service and receiving its response via email

I've written a simple example that shows how a Gmail account could be polled by the UltraESB and then forward them to a Web service. The example invokes the SimpleStockQuoteService hosted via the test ToolBox.

The UltraESB makes it easy to strip all unwanted email headers, and then send the request as a SOAP request by updating the content type to text/xml. The response is then sent back to the original client using Gmail SMTP

Read the full example and download the sample configuration files from here


Santhoshknn said...

Hi Asankha,

I was trying to build ultraesb source after building it and was unable to build the ultraesb-sample project. Apparently the saxon dependency used (saxon-he-9.2) is not available in any maven repository. I will try & add the jar manually & give it a shot, But thought you guys should know.

Cheers and good work


Asankha said...

Hi Santhosh

Sorry for the late reply, as your comment went into moderation. Please email me directly, or report on the new UltraESB feedback site if you encounter any issues in the future.

I checked the Maven repo we host [], and it does contain the JAR in question. Anyway I've rest the ACL just incase there was any issue.. please let me know if you do encounter any issues